Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Boys Radio - December 3 2020

December 3rd, 2020

No Murder No Mustache - Hold My Beer

The Freeze - Shoot And Burn

Wonk Unit - Strength

Cato Street Conspiracy - Pain Or Glory

Punky Ruckus - Boring Bastard

Magic Jukebox - Sin

Dirty Cheetah - Heartbreaker

A Commoner's Revolt - God Save The Boss

COFFIN - People And Their Stories

Spam Javelin - Herd Impunity

Coffin Smasher - Plastic People

The Dominion - Connection

First In Line - Die



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The Divided #81

November 29th, 2020

Grumpster - Roots

The New Icons - The Wagon

Ravagers - Nasty Night

The Blistered Minds - Sonic Seduction

Zu Zu Petals - I Am Not OK

Hummer - Whisky Eyes

Lucky Malice - Resistance

Ryan Martin - Dry

Crumbs - Weary Woes 

The Walk Offs - Gotta Get Up

Jody and the Jerms - Since Yesterday

Mirage Wave - Supreme Summer

The Amber Bugs - Rat Vs Mole

Vulpynes - This Motor Is Me

Steel Bridges - Last Horizon

Wasting Time - Runaways

Marc Platt - Can't Stand The Silence


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Sick Boys Radio - November 26 2020

November 26th, 2020

Chango Munks - The New Normal

HFL - Hate Punk

Drollery - Vino de Lejos

Dirty Cheetah - Psycho-Pat

The Wall with Ian Lowery - Peroxide

Suburban Dynamite - War Cry

God Mode - SOB

KALIK - Everything Falls Apart

Burdizzo - Conserpent

Hummer - Whisky Eyes

Groovie Ghoulies - Nothing

The Blistered Minds - Wall Of Sound

Orphan Riot - Against The Grain

The Dominion - McBain

Killed By Florida - Turkey Talk

Reagan Youth - Acid Rain



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All music belongs to the credited artists.

Dar’s Picks - Give Thanks

November 25th, 2020

Dar's Picks
 Give Thanks
 Vulpynes - One Horse Mind
 Crashed Out - Falling Down
 The False Positives - Caveman
 The Battery Farm - Excellent Public Speaker
 The Blistered Minds - Sonic Seduction
 Baby Shakes - Sweet N Sour
 Suburban Dynomite - War Cry
 Carnage Alpha - Windows
 Diamonds And Guns - San Francisco 
 Hummer - Whisky Eyes
 Spam Javelin - Herd Impunity
 Drool Brothers - Go Go GoGo
 The Amber Bugs - Rat Vs Mole
 Joker - Gruesome Newsom
 The BoBonBoBoffs - Cocaine Rat
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The Divided #80

November 22nd, 2020

People Proof - Feels Fine

Vulpynes - One Horse Mind

The Clockworks - Enough Is Never Enough

Healthy Junkies - Tricky Situation 

Jody & The Jerms - Belong

TV People - String

Darling Boy - Golden Number

Lord Sonny the Unifier - Knockout

Elephant Stone - LA Woman (The Doors)

The Cloud Surfers - Tumbling 

Bushwick Blooze Band - Waiting

Tommy Keyes - Aging With Attitude

Genya Ravan - The Knight Ain't Long Enough (Live At CBGB)

Lovebreakers - Family Man

AJJ - Annihilation (Roger Miller)


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Sick Boys Radio - November 19 2020

November 19th, 2020

Schlong - Gee, Officer Krupke

Suburban Dynamite - No Trust In You

Spam Javelin - Herd Impunity

Cap A Capo - What Have We Done

Thee Infidels - We're Not Going Down

Combustion - En Estos Tiempos (Instrumental)

Orphan Riot - High Cost Of Living

Drollery - Hombre Lobo

Bogalars - Drug Ingester

Get Dead - Stickup

Maybe Not - Maybe Not

God Mode - Misunderstood

Combustion - A.C.A.B. feat Tito

Maybe Not - No No No


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Dar’s Picks - Brain Fart

November 18th, 2020

Dar's Picks
  Brain Fart
  Jean-Pierre Poulin - Le Rock Le Joie
  God Mode - SOB
  Dick Dastardly - Peepshow
  Vulpynes - Sister
  A Commoners Revolt - Battle Of Rothbury
  Crashed Out - Cut My Teeth On You
  The False Positives - Closed Circuit TV Romance
  Battery Farm - Maggot Line
  Muck And The Mires - I'm Your Man
  Ronnie Abeille Ft Kory Clark - Ragnarok
  Scarlet Aura - Raw Power
  Barbar O Rhum - Le Rocher Des Pirates
  The Good Time Aussie Bogalars - Drug Ingester
  Bazooka Sharkz - Million Dollar Man
  Hotel Murder - Need A Change
  Dr Bob's Nightmare - Wild Thing
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Sick Boys Radio - November 12 2020

November 12th, 2020

Leftover Crack - Crack City Rockers

The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Baby, I'm A Nihilist

No Cash - Homelife Is A Drag

Luvdump - This Is England

Maybe Not - Maybe Not

Orphan Riot - High Cost Of Living

Orphan Riot - Against The Grain

The Dick Dastardly's - Watch Me Go


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Dar’s Picks - Biden Won, Now What

November 11th, 2020

Dar's Picks
  Biden Won, Now What?
  Ryan Martin - Dry
  Ravagers - Nasty Night
  Crashed Out - Here To Stay
  The False Positives - Favorite Things
  Big Motor Gasoline - Iron Horse
  A Commoners Revolt - God Save The Boss
  Vulpynes - This Motor Is Me
  Dick Dastardly - All My Friends
  God Mode - Bullshit
  Mud City Manglers - Give Me The Ham
  Jack Hutchinson - World On Fire
  The Blisterd Minds - Click Whore
  Smokin' Sam Babin - Custer's Eyeballs Popped Like Sour Grapes
  Dr Bob's Nightmare = 3603
  Local Trouts - Miniscule Erection
  Preformed In Sensible Shoes - The Country Member
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The Divided #79

November 8th, 2020

The Shabs - Can You Hear Us At The Back?

Ian Lowery - Get Forgotten

Hated Related - Self Resentment Blues

Kaleiders - Alright

InCivility - The World

Baby Shakes - Sweet 'n' Sour

The Mono LPs - Hell, Save My Soul

Journeyman Nick DePalma - Paybacks Are A Bitch

Deadly Bites - Monster

The Fismits - I Can't Believe

Shadowhouse - Tonight

Fourth Son South - They Run We Hide

Sun Cutter - Stand Your Ground

The Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie

Štuk-3 - What You Did To Me

Chumbawamba - The Day The Nazi Died


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